Welcome to our developers portal of Trends Pro API

Real-time business information at any time through a direct integration with your own systems. By linking directly to the Trends Business Information database, you add even more value to the data in your system.

Trends Pro API

Trends Pro API is a REST API that provides access to the Trends Business Information Database. This gives you direct access to the entire Belgian database integrated into your own systems. By linking detailed company and director information directly to your CRM or ERP, you will add even more value to your own data. This helps you to improve your sales & marketing process, creates a more efficient risk management and streamlines the cross-departmental collaboration.

Empower your company by streamlining your workflows

Through a logical grouping of the data elements, you can easily choose which elements you need. This way you can pick and select the data to optimize your data workflow.

Discover the data elements

Company Information

All the essential information about a company

Board Information

Information about the members of the board

Business Units

All the foundational information about a business unit

Contact Information

Contact information of the company, includes also the social media channels

Recent Messages

Latest events with sentiment score of a company

Legal Information

Discover if the company has a judgment, summon, debt file or claim